About Ceylon Freedom Tours and Travels

We are a travel agency which started as an student Voyager passion. Since 2001 we have gradually passed tours to countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific. CK Freedom Tours & Travels was established in 2008.

Ceylon Freedom Tours & Travels aims to offer a wide range of site-seeing tours and active vacation, dedicated to Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the broadest sense.Our menu is traditionally hold by two main types - cognitive, where the program focused on "The Adventures of knowledge" without physically demanding program, and active sports, where the program is based on golf, hiking, diving and other sports.

The tours and services offerd by CK Ceylon Freedom Tours & Travels works in cooperation with a subsidiary branch, which is located directly in Sri Lanka. The aim is to offer not only a "catalog" tour programs, but also to create an individual program directly tailored according to your requirements. We try to show our customers something extra, that you will not find in other offerings.

A good guide is a necessary condition for great experiences of your holiday. In Sri Lanka we have permanent Czech manager who seeks to meet the varied needs of our clients. Your guide to traveling in Sri Lanka is of course also a native colleague who is devoted to work in the travel industry for more than 15 years.

In addition to the unique tour programs, we provide a standard of accommodation in 4-5 hotels, in selected areas with the full board or half board. Luxury private transportation during the circuit, especially with an experienced guide; we have two partners, acting in Sri Lanka, as a regular travel guide and keep efforting to translate all the practical experience of the roads in future programs.

Another tremendous advantage is the size of groups. In this regard, we are trying our to provide to our customers maximum enjoyment of travel, therefore we travel in the number of 2-12 people in the group. Thus a small group of clients provides the flexibility to modify the daily schedule according to the wishes of the participants and also guarantees a sufficient degree of exclusive travel.